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  1. Overview: "Chamber of Immortality" is an exhibition by Ahmet Güneştekin, showcased in the 13th edition of Contemporary Istanbul. The accompanying book delves into the immersive experience, featuring an introductory text[1].
  2. Artistic Elements: Güneştekin employs thousands of metal human skulls and spiky animal horns to retell ancient stories, creating a unique visual narrative[6]. The artwork explores the concept of immortality, drawing on symbolism like snakes, considered sacred for their immortality[3].
  3. Exhibition Context: The artist's recent paintings, including "Momentum of Memory" and "Encounter," contribute to the thematic exploration within the exhibition[2].
  4. Social Media Presence: Ahmet Güneştekin shared details on Instagram, showcasing the "Chamber of Immortality" at Göbeklitepe, emphasizing the significance of the space[4].
  5. Visual Insight: A video titled "Ölümsüzlük Odası (Chamber of Immortality)" on YouTube offers a visual glimpse into the immersive art experience[5].

In summary, "Chamber of Immortality" by Ahmet Güneştekin is a visually compelling exhibition exploring themes of immortality through diverse artistic elements and narrative symbolism. The artist's use of unconventional materials adds depth to the storytelling, making it a captivating and thought-provoking experience.

Tagline: Chamber of Immortalitiy Release: 2018

Zouhair Hasib Ali

Born in Hasaka, Syria 1960 of Kurdish origins; Zouhair Hasib would break down barriers as a Kurd. Kurdish people were not allowed to achieve higher education, historically. However, unwavering and determined, he graduated with an art diploma and was at the top tier of his class from the University of Damascus. But this would be only the beginning.

He would later exhibit not only in his hometown of Hasaka but in Europe, Damascus, Dubai and throughout other parts of the Middle East. His works would be featured in governmental buildings, businesses and residences. And there would be many who would be fortunate to have the privilege of his tutelage deemed him “Professor.” He is currently a member of the Union of Plastic Artists in Syria.

Solo exhibitions

1980 Al-Hasakah, the Arab Cultural Center

1989 Germany, Dresden. Palace of Culture

1990 Damascus, Ishtar Gallery

1991 Aleppo, Al-Khanji Hall

2000 Damascus, Nasir Shura Gallery 2002 Damascus, Naseer Shura Gallery 2007 Damascus, Al-Sayed Gallery 2009 Kurdistan Iraq, Sulaymaniyah Sooruka Hall.

2010 Damascus, Mr. Hall

Collective exhibitions

Damascus National Museum Greetings to the martyrs

Sophia, International Youth Exhibition

Amman, Muscat Biennial for Youth

Beirut, with artist Fateh Al-Mudaris, Dar Al Nadwa

2003 Damascus, honoring the late artist Omar Haseeb

2004 Aleppo, Kalimat Gallery

2005 Kurdistan Iraq, Sulaymaniyah Gallery ROJ

2009 France, Paris

Tagline: Mother and Patriot Release: 2020
  1. Ehmedê Xanî: A Kurdish polymath and poet from the 17th century, known for his work "Mem û Zîn," a Kurdish classic that explores love and social issues [3].
  2. Taylan Mintaş: An interdisciplinary contemporary artist, director, and screenwriter based in Istanbul. He has curated exhibitions related to Ehmedê Xanî, bridging poetry and philosophy [5].
  3. Digital Representation: Taylan Mintaş utilized artificial intelligence to animate Ehmedê Xanî, bringing the historical figure to life through technology [6].
  4. Contact: Taylan Mintaş can be reached at mintastaylan@gmail.com and is affiliated with Marmara University and Yildiz Technical University [1] [2].
Tagline: Ehmedê Xanî Release: 2023