On the centenary of the Treaty of Lausanne, a project entitled “100 distinguished Kurdish works in 100 years” has been carried out with the support of the Municipality of Lausanne and under the leadership of the MALA KURDAN Culture and Education Association based in Lausanne.

In this context, 100 works in 10 categories have been selected by Kurdish experts in different domains and are being promoted through this website (https://100berhemenkurdi.com/), which has been set up as part of the project. Besides these 100 works of the century, the most prominent works of subsequent years will be selected every year, and in this way the project will continue with the creation of an increasing digital cultural inventory.

Through this website, you can contribute to the selection of the most important works produced by Kurds during the last year (2023-2024) by using the suggestion button.

Thank you for your valuable contribution.