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Hadi Zia-dini is a renowned Kurdish designer, painter, and sculptor. Notable works include a statue of Ardalan in Sanandaj, Rojhêlat[5]. He is recognized for his contributions in various artistic mediums, with a book titled "Hadi Zia'-Od Dini: designer & painter & sculptor" by Hanibal Alkhas highlighting his achievements[1]. The book emphasizes his role as a designer and sculptor, showcasing his creative prowess[1]. Hadi Zia-dini's impact extends to diverse forms of art, including sculpture and painting, as evidenced by his work and presence on platforms like YouTube[2] and Pinterest[6].

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The Kurdish Exile Museum is an institution with a unique collection and a permanent exhibition hall. The museum is currently undergoing the rebuilding of its location to house Kurdish cultural-historical objects. This process may take some time [1].

In June 2023, Dr. Ismail Besikci reflected on the Stockholm Kurdish Exile Museum, shedding light on its significance and contributions [2].

The museum aims to preserve and showcase Kurdish culture, featuring a collection of over 1000 items of Kurdish handiworks, including coins belonging to Kurdish dynasties dating back up to 1100 years [3].

For further exploration of Kurdish history and culture, The Kurdistan Memory Programme documents the Kurdish story, creating a permanent national archive [5]. Additionally, the Kurdish Museum, Library, and Archive, with a presence on Facebook, serves as a platform for promoting Kurdish culture [6].

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Lara Dizeyee’s Kurdish haute couture shined in the capital of fashion, with her modern twist on traditional Kurdish clothes taking center stage during Paris Fashion Week on Monday.

Working tirelessly to finish her designs, Dizeyee, an oil and gas professional, showcased her Kurdish clothes during the Haute Couture Week which is held every July as part of Paris Fashion Week.

"My dream finally came true. I am really happy that finally our Kurdish culture and colorful designs were displayed on an international platform, that I took part in the Paris Fashion Week," Dizeyee told Rudaw's Alla Shally at the end of the event.

Dizeyee's collection was presented to fashion lovers in three parts; Dream, Fire, and Ocean accompanied by specially prepared music. Her collection was exhibited by European models.

"I am extremely happy," she said. "I wholeheartedly, with much love for my job, started designing them in order to reach such an international venue. Now that the whole world saw the colors of our culture, I will not forget at all."

Paris Haute Couture Week takes place from July 3 to July 6 and is traditionally home to the best designers in the world.

Her designs were displayed with background music from one of her father's songs. The Kurdish designer is the daughter of one of the most famous Kurdish singers, Homer Dizeyee.

Throwing their full support behind her outstanding performance, her parents were present during the show.

"In fact, Lara is an artist," Homer Dizeyee said. "When she was a child, I had the feeling that she was an artist. In addition to that, she has a great voice.

"I really wanted her to sing as I do and become a singer. I love all of Lara's works. She has a very soft feeling and she is too smart to choose what she wants. I like all that she does."

The fabric colors of each outfit in Dizeyee's designs deeply impressed the guests and international designers who attended the event, something that they highly spoke of, and found it difficult for any designer to work on them.

"Lara Dizeyee has a great future," Elisabeth Visoanska, official partner of Oriental Fashion Show told Rudaw. "Because with her fashion designs, she represents what people really want to see."

Dizeyee's continuous work with these unique designs, as the audience of the Paris fashion show said, will eventually make her a global brand and can showcase her work everywhere.

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Şivan Perwer's Work: "Hemû Berhem" refers to the complete works of Şivan Perwer, a prominent Kurdish musician. His album "Efsaneya Zindî" is a notable part of his extensive repertoire.

Biographical Insight: Gülistan Perwer, likely a family member, shared personal reflections on Şivan's 50-year artistic career, discussing significant changes in his life.

Album "Lê dîlberê": One of Şivan's albums, "Lê dîlberê" from 1986, features the Kurdish musical heritage with tracks like "Dilê min bû behra belek".

Political Impact: Şivan Perwer's return to Turkey marked a significant moment, drawing attention and scrutiny, especially in Kurdish-majority areas.

Musical Style: Şivan Perwer's music is described as a 'neo-classic' fusion, contributing to the cultural richness of Kurdish music.

Global Recognition: Şivan Perwer is celebrated globally as a Kurdish icon, with a diverse fan base across different cultures.

Note: The provided information offers a glimpse into Şivan Perwer's musical legacy, personal reflections, and broader impact on the Kurdish cultural landscape.

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