Hemû Berhem Şivan Perwer

Şivan Perwer's Work: "Hemû Berhem" refers to the complete works of Şivan Perwer, a prominent Kurdish musician. His album "Efsaneya Zindî" is a notable part of his extensive repertoire.

Biographical Insight: Gülistan Perwer, likely a family member, shared personal reflections on Şivan's 50-year artistic career, discussing significant changes in his life.

Album "Lê dîlberê": One of Şivan's albums, "Lê dîlberê" from 1986, features the Kurdish musical heritage with tracks like "Dilê min bû behra belek".

Political Impact: Şivan Perwer's return to Turkey marked a significant moment, drawing attention and scrutiny, especially in Kurdish-majority areas.

Musical Style: Şivan Perwer's music is described as a 'neo-classic' fusion, contributing to the cultural richness of Kurdish music.

Global Recognition: Şivan Perwer is celebrated globally as a Kurdish icon, with a diverse fan base across different cultures.

Note: The provided information offers a glimpse into Şivan Perwer's musical legacy, personal reflections, and broader impact on the Kurdish cultural landscape.

Şivan Perwer
Hemû Berhem Şivan Perwer




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Hemû Berhem Şivan Perwer

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