Hemû Berhem

  1. Mihemed Arif Cizrawî, also known as Mihemed Arif Cizîrî, was a prominent figure associated with the Kurdish music scene, with a focus on Bijartî songs [1].
  2. He gained recognition for his contributions to Kurdish music and is featured on various platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer, where listeners can explore his tracks and playlists [2][4][6].
  3. Additionally, there are playlists on YouTube, like "Mihemed Arif Cizrawî / Hesen Cizrawî - Stranên Bijartî," providing a collection of his music [3].
  4. One of his notable tracks is "Ziravê," as evidenced by a specific video on YouTube [5].

Mihemed Arif Cizrawî's work has left a lasting impact on Kurdish music enthusiasts, and his compositions continue to be accessible through various online platforms.

Mihemed Arif Cizrawî
Hemû Berhem Mihemed Arif Cizrawî




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