Kurdish Institutes

Enstituya Kurdî ya Brukselê (1978), Enstîtuya Kurdî ya Parîsê (1983), Enstîtuya Kurdî ya Bonnê
(1984), Enstîtuya Kurdî ya Stenbolê (1992), Înstîtûta Kurdî li Berlîn (1994), Înstîtuya Kurdî li
Stockholmê (1996), Washington Kurdish Institute (1996), Enstîtuya Çanda Kurdî ya Tehran (2001),
Enstîtuya Kurdî ya Amedê (2004), Enstîtuya Kurdî ya Zurîhê, Amed Kurdish Studies (2019), Enstîtuya
Kurdî ya Vîyanayê, New York Kurdish Cultural Center, the Kurdish Center for Studies (KCS), IBV,
Weqfa Mezopotamya, The Kurdish Peace Institute, Zahra Institute, The European Center for Kurdish
Studies (1999), The Washington Kurdish Institute (1996), The International Institute for the Study of
Kurdish Societies (IISKS), The Kurdish Institute of Copenhagen etc.


There are various Kurdish institutes and organizations that focus on promoting Kurdish culture, language, education, and advocacy for the Kurdish people. Some of these include:

  1. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG): The KRG is the autonomous government in Iraqi Kurdistan, and it plays a significant role in the cultural and educational development of the region.
  2. Kurdistan Institute for Strategic Studies and Research (KISSR): KISSR is an independent research institute based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. It focuses on strategic studies and research related to the Kurdish region.
  3. Kurdistan Institute of Education (KIE): KIE is an educational institute in Iraqi Kurdistan that works to improve the quality of education and provide training for teachers.
  4. Institute for Kurdish Studies (IKS): IKS is based in the United Kingdom and is dedicated to the study of Kurdish culture, history, and society. It promotes academic research and organizes conferences and events.
  5. Kurdish Institute in Paris: This institute focuses on promoting Kurdish culture, language, and history in France and beyond. It often organizes cultural events, seminars, and exhibitions.
  6. Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHRP): While not an institute in the traditional sense, KHRP is an organization that works to promote and protect the human rights of Kurds worldwide. They engage in legal advocacy, research, and awareness campaigns.
  7. Kurdish Language Academy (KLA): This organization is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Kurdish language. It provides resources for learning Kurdish and supports initiatives to strengthen the language.
  8. Kurdish Institute of Istanbul: This institute, based in Turkey, focuses on Kurdish studies, including language, history, and culture.

Kurdish Institutes
Kurdish Institutes




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Kurdish Institutes