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"Dayîka Nîştiman" is a Kurdish theatrical play titled "Şanoya Dayîka Nîştiman û Koşka Miradan" written by Muhsîn Özdemîr. The play, considered one of the early works in Kurdish theater, revolves around the story of a mother, Dayîka Nîştiman, and the struggles of her three children in the town of Mahabad during 1946. The play is significant for its portrayal of the challenges faced by the characters in the historical context of Mahabad.

  1. The play is available for purchase, and more details can be found here (Source: #1).
  2. Additional information about the play and its historical context can be explored on eksisozluk1923.com (Source: #2).
  3. The theatrical piece is acknowledged as part of the early Kurdish theater scene, with historical significance in Mahabad (Source: #3 and #8).

For a deeper understanding, one can explore the themes and historical context of the play through the available sources.


After the Reza Shah regime left power in Mehabad after September 1941, an intellectual movement developed in the Mukriyan region, especially in Mehabad.
- Establishment of "Komelley Jiyanawey Kurd" (Kurdish Awakening Association) 16.09.1942,
- Formation of the Kurdish Lawan organization,
-Existence of literary spaces and associations,
- The publication of "Niştiman" magazine in May 1943 are some of these developments.

Tagline: Dayîka Nîştiman Release: 1946

"Mem û Zîn" is a Kurdish love story directed by Mirza Metin, a prominent figure in contemporary Kurdish theatre. The play is known for its minimal aesthetic, resembling a ritual rather than a traditional play[2]. Mirza Metin, co-founder of Şermola Performance, has been actively involved in Kurdish theatre, exploring themes like self-being through projects such as "Dîwana Xwebûnê" (Karneval des Selbstseins)[5][8]. The play has received recognition, winning awards such as Best Music Design at the 17th Saqqez Kurdish Theatre Festival[3]. To stay updated, you can follow Mirza Metin on Instagram@mirzametin[9].

Tagline: Mem û Zîn Release: 2022
  1. Hinek Henek is a content creator featured on the PELFİLM TV YouTube channel, known for humorous shorts and videos such as "SEYÎDXANÊ BOYAXCÎ - TÊLÎ"[1].
  2. The content includes episodes like "BANKA Û ZIMAN" and "DEREWÊN ZINDÎ - HINEK HENEK BEŞA 1"[2].
  3. Specific videos include "DOKTORÊ SUPER" and "STRAN Û KOMEDÎ - HINEK HENEK / JIN MA"[3][4].
  4. "Hinek Henek" released a single titled "Hinek Henek" available on Apple Music[5].
  5. The creator also engages with the audience on Instagram, sharing comedic content and updates[6].
  6. Scheduled releases are announced on platforms like Facebook, such as "Beşa 9 (DANASÎN)"[8].
  7. Notable videos include "SILÊMANÊ PÊXWAS 2 - HINEK HENEK" and "PARTIYA EM Ê HELKEN"[7][9].
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Bavê Teyar, also known as Cuma Xelo, was born in Qamishlo, Rojava, Syria, in 1961. He is a Kurdish artist and father of eight children. His real name is Muhma Xelo. Bavê Teyar is recognized for his contributions to Kurdish music, with limited information available about his life and career. He has released songs and albums, and his biography provides insights into his background and artistic journey[2]. Additionally, he is listed in the Kurdish film list, reflecting his involvement in the cultural scene[3]. Bavê Teyar remains a figure of interest, and further contributions to his Last.fm profile could enhance the available information[1][4]

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Nishan Doxan is a Kurdish actor and producer, born on February 15, 2012, in Germany. He is associated with Deysem Doxan, a production group. Nishan Doxan has a notable online presence, including a website [1], an Instagram account [2], a YouTube channel [3], and a Facebook page [4] [5]. His content includes videos and posts related to his work, scenarios, and more. For contact information, one can reach out to him via the provided details on the website [6]. Additionally, there's a video titled "Nishan Doxan | Kurdî şirîn e - By Deysem Doxan" on YouTube [8].


  1. Nishan Doxan Website
  2. Nishan Doxan Instagram
  3. Nishan Doxan YouTube
  4. Nishan Doxan Facebook
  5. Contact Information
  6. Nishan Doxan YouTube Video
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Erdal Kaya (b. 1987 Batman), Kurdish playwright, actor, director and teacher.[1]

Erdal Kaya started amateur theater in Batman. He studied Turkish Language and Literature at Afyon Kocatepe University and in the same years, from 2007, he joined the Afyonkarahisar City Theater and started acting professionally in the same theater until 2012. Later, he continued acting in the City Theater of Batman Municipality. Together with their friends, they opened the Yenisahne Theater in Batman in 2018 and started performing there.[2] Currently, he continues to work as an actor and director in Yenisahne theater group in Batman.

After the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world, Yenisahne Theater was closed like many other places. Erdal Kaya did not stop during the quarantine days and prepared a program called Şildim Bildim with his friends, which was broadcast every week on the Hestû TV channel. After this program, Erdal Kaya became more known. But his fame started with the series Tonight.

The plays he acted and directed
Koca Dağlar Ağası (Turgut Özakman)
Ah şu Gençler (Turgut Özakman)
Salak Oğlum (Müjdat Gezen)
Officer Faslı (Coşkun Irmak)
Ray Cooney
Haydi Karına Koş (Ray Cooney)
Boyacı (Tuncer Cücenoğlu)
Live Monkey Restaurant (Güngör Dilmen)
Öteki (Workshop Game)
Cimri (Moliere)
Colonel Kush / Soldier (Hristo Boytchev)
Dorsa Sherko (Yusuf Unay)

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Lo Dublaj appears to be a social media presence, primarily on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. It involves content related to dubbing or humorous voiceovers, often associated with Kurdish language.

  1. Lo Dublaj has a YouTube channel with playlists featuring videos and live content[1].
  2. The Facebook page "Lo Dublaj" shares humorous videos and connects with followers[2].
  3. Lo Dublaj content includes videos tagged with #Lo_Dublaj, suggesting a focus on dubbing and humor[3][4].
  4. The term "lo dublaj" is also mentioned in the context of Twitter discussions about dubbing[5].
  5. TikTok has content related to "lo dublaj"[10].

In summary, Lo Dublaj is a social media entity known for creating and sharing content, possibly humorously dubbed videos, on various platforms.

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The phrase "Penceşer Recep içen" appears to be a combination of names and terms related to performance arts in Kurdish culture. Recep İçen is associated with Şaneşîn Performans, a platform supporting independent artists in the cultural and arts ecosystem [1]. "Penceşêr" is a play co-authored by M. Xalit Ertoşî and Recep Îçen, inspired by Rolan Topor's work [2]. Recep İçen is mentioned as a contributor to the performance arts, specifically in writing and execution within Şaneşîn Performans [3] [4]. The term "ŞanoyaKurdî" is linked to Recep İçen and his role in a new story named "Penceşêr" within Şaneşîn Performans [5].

Tagline: Penceşer
  1. Overview: "Chamber of Immortality" is an exhibition by Ahmet Güneştekin, showcased in the 13th edition of Contemporary Istanbul. The accompanying book delves into the immersive experience, featuring an introductory text[1].
  2. Artistic Elements: Güneştekin employs thousands of metal human skulls and spiky animal horns to retell ancient stories, creating a unique visual narrative[6]. The artwork explores the concept of immortality, drawing on symbolism like snakes, considered sacred for their immortality[3].
  3. Exhibition Context: The artist's recent paintings, including "Momentum of Memory" and "Encounter," contribute to the thematic exploration within the exhibition[2].
  4. Social Media Presence: Ahmet Güneştekin shared details on Instagram, showcasing the "Chamber of Immortality" at Göbeklitepe, emphasizing the significance of the space[4].
  5. Visual Insight: A video titled "Ölümsüzlük Odası (Chamber of Immortality)" on YouTube offers a visual glimpse into the immersive art experience[5].

In summary, "Chamber of Immortality" by Ahmet Güneştekin is a visually compelling exhibition exploring themes of immortality through diverse artistic elements and narrative symbolism. The artist's use of unconventional materials adds depth to the storytelling, making it a captivating and thought-provoking experience.

Tagline: Chamber of Immortalitiy Release: 2018

Zouhair Hasib Ali

Born in Hasaka, Syria 1960 of Kurdish origins; Zouhair Hasib would break down barriers as a Kurd. Kurdish people were not allowed to achieve higher education, historically. However, unwavering and determined, he graduated with an art diploma and was at the top tier of his class from the University of Damascus. But this would be only the beginning.

He would later exhibit not only in his hometown of Hasaka but in Europe, Damascus, Dubai and throughout other parts of the Middle East. His works would be featured in governmental buildings, businesses and residences. And there would be many who would be fortunate to have the privilege of his tutelage deemed him “Professor.” He is currently a member of the Union of Plastic Artists in Syria.

Solo exhibitions

1980 Al-Hasakah, the Arab Cultural Center

1989 Germany, Dresden. Palace of Culture

1990 Damascus, Ishtar Gallery

1991 Aleppo, Al-Khanji Hall

2000 Damascus, Nasir Shura Gallery 2002 Damascus, Naseer Shura Gallery 2007 Damascus, Al-Sayed Gallery 2009 Kurdistan Iraq, Sulaymaniyah Sooruka Hall.

2010 Damascus, Mr. Hall

Collective exhibitions

Damascus National Museum Greetings to the martyrs

Sophia, International Youth Exhibition

Amman, Muscat Biennial for Youth

Beirut, with artist Fateh Al-Mudaris, Dar Al Nadwa

2003 Damascus, honoring the late artist Omar Haseeb

2004 Aleppo, Kalimat Gallery

2005 Kurdistan Iraq, Sulaymaniyah Gallery ROJ

2009 France, Paris

Tagline: Mother and Patriot Release: 2020
  1. Ehmedê Xanî: A Kurdish polymath and poet from the 17th century, known for his work "Mem û Zîn," a Kurdish classic that explores love and social issues [3].
  2. Taylan Mintaş: An interdisciplinary contemporary artist, director, and screenwriter based in Istanbul. He has curated exhibitions related to Ehmedê Xanî, bridging poetry and philosophy [5].
  3. Digital Representation: Taylan Mintaş utilized artificial intelligence to animate Ehmedê Xanî, bringing the historical figure to life through technology [6].
  4. Contact: Taylan Mintaş can be reached at mintastaylan@gmail.com and is affiliated with Marmara University and Yildiz Technical University [1] [2].
Tagline: Ehmedê Xanî Release: 2023

Hadi Zia-dini is a renowned Kurdish designer, painter, and sculptor. Notable works include a statue of Ardalan in Sanandaj, Rojhêlat[5]. He is recognized for his contributions in various artistic mediums, with a book titled "Hadi Zia'-Od Dini: designer & painter & sculptor" by Hanibal Alkhas highlighting his achievements[1]. The book emphasizes his role as a designer and sculptor, showcasing his creative prowess[1]. Hadi Zia-dini's impact extends to diverse forms of art, including sculpture and painting, as evidenced by his work and presence on platforms like YouTube[2] and Pinterest[6].

Tagline: Hadi Zia-dini Release: 2018

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Lara Dizeyee’s Kurdish haute couture shined in the capital of fashion, with her modern twist on traditional Kurdish clothes taking center stage during Paris Fashion Week on Monday.

Working tirelessly to finish her designs, Dizeyee, an oil and gas professional, showcased her Kurdish clothes during the Haute Couture Week which is held every July as part of Paris Fashion Week.

"My dream finally came true. I am really happy that finally our Kurdish culture and colorful designs were displayed on an international platform, that I took part in the Paris Fashion Week," Dizeyee told Rudaw's Alla Shally at the end of the event.

Dizeyee's collection was presented to fashion lovers in three parts; Dream, Fire, and Ocean accompanied by specially prepared music. Her collection was exhibited by European models.

"I am extremely happy," she said. "I wholeheartedly, with much love for my job, started designing them in order to reach such an international venue. Now that the whole world saw the colors of our culture, I will not forget at all."

Paris Haute Couture Week takes place from July 3 to July 6 and is traditionally home to the best designers in the world.

Her designs were displayed with background music from one of her father's songs. The Kurdish designer is the daughter of one of the most famous Kurdish singers, Homer Dizeyee.

Throwing their full support behind her outstanding performance, her parents were present during the show.

"In fact, Lara is an artist," Homer Dizeyee said. "When she was a child, I had the feeling that she was an artist. In addition to that, she has a great voice.

"I really wanted her to sing as I do and become a singer. I love all of Lara's works. She has a very soft feeling and she is too smart to choose what she wants. I like all that she does."

The fabric colors of each outfit in Dizeyee's designs deeply impressed the guests and international designers who attended the event, something that they highly spoke of, and found it difficult for any designer to work on them.

"Lara Dizeyee has a great future," Elisabeth Visoanska, official partner of Oriental Fashion Show told Rudaw. "Because with her fashion designs, she represents what people really want to see."

Dizeyee's continuous work with these unique designs, as the audience of the Paris fashion show said, will eventually make her a global brand and can showcase her work everywhere.

Tagline: Kurdish clotheswith modern twistin the ParisFashion Week Release: 2023