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Erdal Kaya (b. 1987 Batman), Kurdish playwright, actor, director and teacher.[1]

Erdal Kaya started amateur theater in Batman. He studied Turkish Language and Literature at Afyon Kocatepe University and in the same years, from 2007, he joined the Afyonkarahisar City Theater and started acting professionally in the same theater until 2012. Later, he continued acting in the City Theater of Batman Municipality. Together with their friends, they opened the Yenisahne Theater in Batman in 2018 and started performing there.[2] Currently, he continues to work as an actor and director in Yenisahne theater group in Batman.

After the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world, Yenisahne Theater was closed like many other places. Erdal Kaya did not stop during the quarantine days and prepared a program called Şildim Bildim with his friends, which was broadcast every week on the Hestû TV channel. After this program, Erdal Kaya became more known. But his fame started with the series Tonight.

The plays he acted and directed
Koca Dağlar Ağası (Turgut Özakman)
Ah şu Gençler (Turgut Özakman)
Salak Oğlum (Müjdat Gezen)
Officer Faslı (Coşkun Irmak)
Ray Cooney
Haydi Karına Koş (Ray Cooney)
Boyacı (Tuncer Cücenoğlu)
Live Monkey Restaurant (Güngör Dilmen)
Öteki (Workshop Game)
Cimri (Moliere)
Colonel Kush / Soldier (Hristo Boytchev)
Dorsa Sherko (Yusuf Unay)

Erdal Kaya
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All the works Erdal Kaya

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All the works Erdal Kaya